Steadfast Farm Wheat Berries
Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries

The regionally adapted variety of hard red winter wheat that we grow was bred by Dr. David Marshall, of NCSU. He was asked to breed lines of high-gluten wheat adapted to our humid east coast climate to supply local bread bakers with a regionally grown wheat.

We have been growing this Nu-East variety for three years and find it to be not only hardy, but of excellent taste. When stone milled, it releases the nutty overtones and unlocks the delicate flavors inherent in a fine hard red winter wheat. These wheat berries can also be cracked, cooked whole, and sprouted.

Many of our customers are home-millers who prefer to buy and keep their wheat berries whole to preserve the integrity of the seed. Milling exposes the seed to oxidation which accelerates loss of nutrients. Whole wheat berries are also more affordable and a great way to provide your family and friends with the highest quality wheat.

We are currently selling our organically home-grown wheat berries in retail and wholesale options. If you are interested making a purchase, please contact us today or find us every Saturday at the Charlottesville Farmers Market.