Steadfast Farm Grass-fed Beef

Our farm is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range and we are blessed with the grace of grass. The fertile soils of this region of the world and the warm sunny micro climate we enjoy here grows gorgeous grasses to feed our beautiful bovines. Our herd of black angus cows and their calves live out the growing season and much of the winter months grazing across our rotated pastures. When winter finally comes they are fed the grass we baled for them when the land was fat with grass. The calves that we eventually take to be processed have lived and nursed with their mother longer than most beef cattle. This gives them a strong immune system which means healthy calves. Our beef is free of any hormones and full of flavor and happy cow experiences.

The Cattle of Steadfast Farm enjoy grasses form healthy land and rotational grazing techniques to ensure health of both animal and ecosystem. Our heard is primarily Black Angus cattle and select animals are processed at a local USDA certified abattior.